Well, this is a very good question, FulfilFy™ is because most of Shopify sellers focus on a generic or specific niches, this is how we understand our customers, and we are aiming to help our customer to be their niche Unicom, we are the AliExpress dropshipping Alternative, We offer full dropshipping services and we are aiming to make dropshipping simple and easier for all dropshippers.

Yes, we can provide you with high-quality items from China that you want to sell at a much lower price. If in case we cannot find the product, we will immediately notify you and provide you with similar items.
Yes, you have the option to do brand logo/flyers/business cards or custom packages with us.
Yes, we can make professional pictures of your products at a very affordable price. Besides, we can also make a video of your products.
It takes 10-20 days for shipping to the US and 15-30 days to other countries.
We mostly do bulk orders, and we can also do a single product but depending on its quantity.
The price is per package sent (per SKU).
You will be the one to list the products that you want to sell. We only fulfill orders and source products to you. Product listing is not included in our services.
We brand your package and save you a lot of time. Our prices are lower than the Aliexpress. With us, you don’t need to handle anything. Just focus on your marketing.
Yes, we would recommend our partner in Amazon FBA-the best sourcing agent in China FulfilFy™ to help you handle everything related to Amazon FBA products and Inquiries.
Our office in China is located at 1809, NO.5 Zhenong Science and Technology Park, Hangzhou Zhejiang, CN